Saturday, January 28, 2012

Save More Money Easily!!

It's a fact...we ALL love saving money. Who doesn't these days?? Well, there's some really easy ways you and I can save even more. Let me give you an example: let's say I need ink for my printer (which it seems I always do with all the coupons I print!) The first place I go to is NOT the office supply store. They are usually way over priced. Instead, I begin at
They usually have the lowest prices. In addition, they offer FREE shipping w/ a minimum order of around $50.  Ld Products is another of my favorite sites for ink and toner, and they too offer free shipping!
Another great place is ComboInk which is offering $5/$30 now thru 2/29!!

Another example is if we need to repair a car or truck around here.

Shop Advance Auto Parts
is a great place to start.  A lot of times, they have great deals online, such as a % or a $ amount off.  If this is the case, we order it online and choose the option to pick it up at the store.  That way, we can use the coupon or online savings and still pay no shipping!!

Now, once you've found the lowest price w/promo codes and such, go thru your ebates or Extrabux accounts in order to get cash back!!  Compare the two companies to see who is offering the most, and then order thru your account.

It's that easy!!!  Got any other ways to save...share them too!!

How To Make Money Online Legitimately!!

In today's world, we all realize that there are scams to watch out for, especially those that are online and might seem harmless. There are many "get-rich" schemes out there promising you that you'll earn lots of money...but usually you must buy something from them to get the how-to's. Be careful!! Affiliate marketing is a perfectly legitimate way to earn some money online. Basically, you get paid when someone goes through a link on your blog or website. I've got a few favorite affiliates to share with you. Try them and see for yourself. It's completely FREE & easy to use. So, with all that said, here's my list of favorite affiliates:

There are lots of others and great companies like available on at least 3 of the above.
So, try them for yourself...hope this helps!

Friday, January 27, 2012

FREE Turbo Tax Filing

I just signed up for mine...very easy step-by-step!!

FREE Gummies Sample!

Go here to request your FREE sample of Hero Nutritional Gummies.

Your Opinion Matters!!

Great Curves Deal!!

Meijer Ad Week of 1/29/12

After an incredible week of Meijer savings, there's some more great deals this week:

  • Meijer boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77/lb
  • Pork Loin $1.99/lb
  • Eckrich Smoked or Polish sausage $2
  • Johnsonville Brats $3.49
    - $1/2 cpn here
    = $2.99 each wyb 2
  • Hormel party tray $11.99
    - $3/1 cpn here
    - $3 mperks cpn here
    = $5.99
  • Jennie-O 20% off
Dairy/ Refrigerated items:
  • Yoplait singles $.60
    - $.40/6 cpn here
    - $.40/6 mperks cpn here
    = $.40 each wyb 6
  • Dean's dips $.99
  • Philly cream cheese $1.50
  • Daisy sour cream or cottage cheese $1.79
  • Kraft cheese $2
    - $.55/2 cpn here
    = $1.50 each wyb 2
  • Tropicana OJ $2.50
    - $1/2 cpn here
    = $2 each wyb 2
  • Land O Lakes butter $3
  • Kraft singles 50% off
Canned goods/Pantry Items:

  • McCormick mixes $.50
  • Chi Chi salsa $.99
    - $1/2 cpn (tearpad)
    = $.49 each wyb 2
  • Lipton Recipe Secrets or Knorr mix $1
  • Hormel chili $1.25
    - $.55/2 cpn here
    = $.75 each wyb 2
  • French's mustard $1.50
  • Velveeta shells or Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $1.67
  • Bush's beans $1.67
  • Kraft salad dressing $1.99
    - $.75/2 cpn
    = $1.49 each wyb 2
  • Hormel canned chicken $2
    - $ .55/2 cpn here
    = $1.50 each wyb 2
  • Miracle Whip $3
  • Ortega 25% off
    - $1/2 cpn(1/15 SS)

Cereal/Breakfast foods:
  •  Kelloggs cereal 4/$10
    **Buy 4, get $2 off instantly
  •  Quaker oatmeal $2.50
  • General Mills cereal $2.50
    - $1/2 cpn
    - $.75 Multi Grain Cheerios mperks cpn here
    =as low as $1 each wyb 2
  • Propel or Sobe $.89
    - $.50/4 mperks cpn here
    = $.77 each wyb 4
  • Crystal Light $2
  •  Maxwell House coffee $7.99
  • avocados $1
  • blueberries & raspberries $2.50
  • Round white potatoes $2.88/10 lb bag
  • Ore Ida, TGIF or Bagel Bites 3/$7
    **Buy 3, get $2 off instantly
  • Marie Callender dinners 5/$11
  • Hot Pocket Snackers $2.50
    - $1/2 cpn here
    = $2 each wyb 2
  •  Edy's 3/$10
  • D'Giorno pizza $5.99
    - $1/2 cpn (1/15 SS)
    = $5.49 each wyb 2
  • Duncan Hines cake or frosting $1.25
  • Nestle Toll House morsels $2.19
  • Pompeian olive oil 50% off
  • Pringles 3/$4
    - $1/4 cpn (1/1 P&G)
    = $1.08 each wyb 4
  • Nabisco crackers $1.67
  • Snyders pretzels $1.99
  • Tostitos chips $2.50
  • M&M Pretzel candy $2.50
    - $1/1 cpn here
    = $1.50 
  • Cheez its or Keebler crackers $2.50
  • Chips Ahoy cookies $2.50
  • Lays chips B1G1
  • Orville Redenbacher popcorn B1G1
    Health & Beauty:

    • Degree deodorant $3.69
      - $2/2 mperks cpn here
      - two $1/1 cpns (1/29 SS)
      = $1.69 each wyb 2
    • Pantene $3.49
    • Coricidin $1 off
      - $1/1 cpn here
    • Afrin $1 off
      - $1/1 cpn here

    **Buy 8, get $8 off
    • Oscar Mayer fun pak Lunchables $1.99
      - $1/1 wyb 8
      = $.99
    • Oscar Mayer bologna $1.99
      - $1/1 wyb 8
      = $.99
    • Oscar Mayer franks $1.99
      - $1/1 wyb 8
      = $.99
    • Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunchmeat $2.49
      - $1/1 wyb 8
      = $1.49
    • Oscar Mayer bacon $3.99
      - $1/1 wyb 8
      = $2.49

    Kroger Deal of the Day January 27, 2012

    Go here to load a $1.50/1 cpn for Oscar Mayer Carving Board lunchmeat to your Kroger card!

    Hormel Chili $.41 at Kroger this Week!

    Hormel chili is on sale this week for $.91 (after $.50/item discount wyb 10)
    Use the $.55/2 cpn here = 41¢ each wyb 2!!

    Swagbucks...Have You Joined Yet??

    Earn Swag Bucks when you search the Internet...turn points into gift cards, prizes, etc..
    I use mine for Amazon gift cards!!

    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    New M&M Printable Coupon!

    Go here to print a $1/1 cpn for M&Ms Pretzel bag (9.9 oz or larger)

    Kroger Deal of the Day January 26, 2012

    Go here to load a $.65/1 cpn for Philly Cream cheese tubs.

    New SavingStar Coupons Available!


    Go here to load these to your Kroger (or affiliate) cards:
    • $1/2 Tropicana OJ
    • $.50/2 Cottonelle (4 pack or larger)
    • $.50/1 Cottonelle wipes
    • $1/1 Aleve
    Remember, these savings accumulate and when you reach $5, you can request payment.
    Also, you CAN use mfr. coupons as well!!

    Walgreens Ad 1/29/12

    Here's the best deals I see at Walgreens this week:
    • St Joseph Enteric Aspirin $2
      - $2 RR
      = FREE
    • Blink Tears Eye Care $8
      - $8 RR
      - $1/1 cpn here
      = FREE + $1 profit
    • Pur-Absorb Iron Supplement $10
      - $10 RR
      = FREE
    • Gilette Fusion razor $9.99
      - $4 RR
      - $5/1 cpn (1/1 P&G)
      = $.99
    • Irish Spring Body Wash $3 (buy 4)
      - four $1/1 cpn (1/29 SS)
      - $4 RR wyb  $12
      = $1 each wyb 4

    Save More Money w/Extrabux!

    Similar to other rebate sites like ebates and Mr. Rebates, Extrabux gives you cash back on online purchases. Earn 1 - 30% back and now you can get a $5 bonus for signing up! I just got mine!!

    CVS Ad 1/29/12

    Here's the deals I see at CVS this week:
    • Hershey, Reese or Cadbury singles $.87
      - $.87 ECB (Sunday - Tuesday only)
      = FREE
    • Speedstick deodorant $1.99 (buy 6)
      - three B1G1 cpns (1/29 SS)
      -$6 ECB wyb $12
      = FREE!
    • American Greeting Cards $ .99
      - B2G1 cpn here
      - $3 ECB wyb 3
      = FREE + $1
    • Dawn Hand Renewal $.99
      - $.50/1 cpn (1/1 P&G)
      = $.49
    • Trident gum $1
      - $1/3 cpn (1/8 SS)
      = $.67 each wyb 3
    • Puffs $.88
      - $.25/3 cpn (1/1 P&G)
      = $.80 each wyb 3
    • Thermacare $5.99
      - $4 ECB wyb 2
      - $5/2 cpn here
      = $1.50 each wyb 2

    New Snapple Printable Coupon!

    Go here to print a $1/1 cpn for Snapple 6-pack bottles!!

    Save More Money!!

    With The Couponizer, you will save lots of money of course, but also time and energy too! Our revolutionary coupon organizer is more than just a coupon holder or book, but a whole system of tools
    designed for consistent savings you can take to the bank!

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    Coupon Inserts 1/29/12

    There will be four inserts this Sunday, January 29!!
    1 P&G, 1 Smart Source and 2 Red Plum
    Here's some of my favorites:

    • $2.50/2 Covergirl
    • $.75/1 Crest
    • $3/1 Vicks Nature Fusion
    • $1/1 Degree
    • $1.50/1 Ecotrin
    • $.50/1 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
    • $.50/1 Fiber One cereal
    • $.35/1 Totinos pizza rolls
    • $.50/1 Colgate
    • lots of L'Oreal, Air Wick & Dove
    To see the entire lists go here.

    My Top 10 Tips for Frugal Living: #1 Be Ethical & Honest!

    As I continue my Top 10 Tips for Frugal Living, my list so far:
    # 10 Know the Prices here
    # 9 Be Organized here
    # 8 Network here
    # 7 Rebate here
    # 6 Menu Planning here
    # 5 Be Patient! here
    #4 Know the store's coupon policies here
    #3 Have a Good Supply of Coupons here
    #2 Use Store Perks Wisely here
    #1 Be Ethical and Honest
    I saved this for the last one, because to me it is the most important.
    As a Christian, I'd rather be honest than to save money. I mean that! I know that some may say that this is just my personal convictions and that's fine. But, I know that the Lord will bless my efforts (no matter what I'm doing) if ONLY I do it in a way that glorifies Him. That means, I don't see how I could "cheat the system" or any such behavior.

    Now, I love getting a good deal just like anyone else. But, NOT if it comes at the expense of cheating or dong something fraudulent. For example, I don't send in rebates to multiple addresses when it clearly says, "one per household". Now, some may justify by sending one to their mom or such, but if I paid for it and I'm filling out the paperwork, I feel that it is only right for me to get one rebate.
    I know that even if no one else sees, the Lord sees. I also want to uphold a hight level of integrity before my husband and children. I want to set that godly example before them. And lastly, I consider it a witness to store employees. I shop the same stores, basically, all the time. And believe me, people watch your lives. I always want to behave in a manner that will draw people to Him.

    I hope this helps someone!

    Kroger Deal of the Day January 25, 2012

    Kroger's Deal of the Day: save $.75/1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese. Go here to load this coupon to your card.

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    My Top 10 Tips for Frugal Living #2 Use Store Perks Wisely

    As I continue my Top 10 Tips for Frugal Living, my list so far:
    # 10 Know the Prices here
    # 9 Be Organized here
    # 8 Network here
    # 7 Rebate here
    # 6 Menu Planning here
    # 5 Be Patient! here
    #4 Know the store's coupon policies here
    #3 Have a Good Supply of Coupons here

    #2 Use Store Perks Wisely
    You need to know how to use the Extra Care Bucks (ECB)at CVS, the Register Rewards (RR) at Walgreens, and the Catalina deals at grocery stores effectively. Each one has different sets of rules and store policies.
    First, ECB at CVS are issued when you buy a particular item. For example, Colgate total is priced at $2.99, and there is a $2 ECB. So, you buy the Colgate, it rings up at $2.99, you use a $.75 cpn, and you pay $2.24. After your transaction, you receive at the bottom of your receipt a $2 ECB good on your next purchase. Now, there is usually a limit of one ECB per item, so rolling these is not really an issue. But, you can if the limit is two or more. Which means, you can then purchase another Colgate, use a $.75 cpn and the $2 ECB, and you only pay $.24 and get another $2 ECB. It's usually wise to use your ECB on items that will generate more. Doing this will allow you to roll them, and you will always have ECB.
    Secondly, RR at Walgreens have a totally different set of rules. They basically work similarly as they print after you purchase an item that has a RR attached to it.
    Let's use the Colgate as an example again. You buy the Colgate, it rings up at $2.99, you use a $.75 cpn, and you pay $2.24. After your transaction, you receive a RR that prints from their Catalina machine good on your next purchase. Now, here's the difference. You CANNOT use your $2 RR from Colgate to purchase more Colgate. If you do, the RR will not print the second time. Another difference is that there is no limit, so the best way to utilize these great deals is to do multiple transactions. For instance, you buy Colgate in Transaction #1. In Transaction #2, buy something that will generate more RR and is close to $2 after coupons. Then, in transaction #3, buy Colgate again using a cpn and the RR from transaction #2. Just make sure you don't use RR to buy the same item, unless you don't want more RR. Another difference w/RR is they are considered manufacturer's coupons. Walgreens policy is you cannot have more coupons than the number of items. So, let's say in Transaction #3 above, if you are going to only buy Colgate and want to use a cpn and a RR, you need to grab a filler item (something really inexpensive) that will allow you to use the RR. I usually grab a caramel or candy at the register.
    Lastly, Catalina deals are another great way to save money. Recently at Kroger, they had a Catalina promo on Betty Crocker potatoes. Buy 3, get $3 back. Well, the bags were only $1, so if you bought 3 for $3, you got $3 back...basically FREE. In addition there were coupons to stack w/this deal. So, I ended up paying $1.80 and got $3 off my next order. These rolled could do this transaction after transaction and basically get a lot of FREE potatoes.

    Personalized Valentine's Gifts

    Dairy Queen Customer Appreciation Day!

    Saturday, January 28, is Dairy Queen's Customer Appreciation day...enjoy 50% select menu items!