Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top 10 Money Saving Apps... #3 Ebates!!

I'm going to start a list of my Top 10 Money Saving apps.  Each day I will post a new one, so make sure you check back each day to get the MOST from your savings!!  I use all of them together, and they are really not in any order :)

1. Checkout 51  see the post here

2. Saving Star see my post here

Ebates :  Ebates is another easy-to-use app (or link) to use when you are shopping online.  I have the extension on my Chrome browser; so that when I am on a site, I get a notification (reminder lol) to click on my Ebates icon that there is cash back here!!  Love that feature, as I would forget at times. They offer a % cash back on your total purchase, when you go through Ebates.  There are a ton of stores that participate..Kohl's, Target, Macy's, Advanced Auto Parts, 4inkjets just to name a few of my favorites!!  I use it especially a lot when Christmas shopping online, but I also use it throughout the year.  Every quarter they will send you a check (or send it through Paypal).

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