Monday, May 15, 2017

Couponing Terms Explained!!

Just wanted to take a moment and clarify some coupon lingo that I use and that is used commonly among couponers. I hope it helps you understand what I'm referring to.

pq =  paper coupon

dq = digital coupon

ip = internet printable coupon

ECB's are Extra Care Bucks awarded by CVS when you buy a particular product. They print out
at checkout and are to be used for your next purchase.

RR's are Register Rewards offered by Walgreens and are similar in use to ECB's.

wyb is short for "when you buy"

B1G1 or BOGO means buy one item and get one free (or sometimes at a % off).

peelie is a coupon attached to the actual product you are buying and it peels off.

The term 'oop' is short for out of pocket. It is the money you spend after coupons.

MIR means a Mail In Rebate is available on this item.

MBG is a Money-Back Guarantee.

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