Friday, August 30, 2013

Freezer Cooking Tips 101!

Well, I definitely learned a lot in trying to prepare some meals for freezer cooking.
I've got a few tips to share:

  1. Start with a blank calendar for the month.  I printed on for September 2013 here.  Then, I filled in our appointments, meetings, cookouts, etc...  I have done this for a few  years anyway...planning meals on a monthly basis saves me a lot of time and waste.  This month was different only in that I added some freezer cooking to it!
  2. Spend some time finding recipes that your family will enjoy.  What's the use in buying and preparing meals that no one in your family will like??  There are plenty to find on the internet!!
  3. Watch for sales.  Fortunately, I planned to start on a month with a holiday (Labor Day) falling in the beginning.  Meijer has a HUGE meat sale going on right now:  I was able to spend $33 in meat, and I have 8 meals in the freezer and 12 packages of ground chuck ready to be made into tacos, etc...= 20 meals in all!!

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