Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Top 10 Money Saving Apps...#2 Saving Star

Here's the next in my list of favorite money-saving apps. I use all of them together, and they are really not in any order :)

1. Checkout 51  see the post here

2. Saving Star   I love Saving Star, because they have great offers as well.  You have to load the rebates that you want to your account.  It's really easy to use if you shop at CVS, because you can link your CVS card to your Saving Star account.  When you buy the product, it automatically generates the rebate...you don't have to do ANYTHING!!  For Kroger and other stores, you buy the product, scan the bar code and upload a pic of the receipt.  The rebate gets credited to your account usually within 48 hours.  I also like this site, because you can cash out when you reach $5...send it directly to your bank account.  That's a really fast and easy feature.

This post may contain affiliate links.This post may contain affiliate links.

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